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Bounty Hunter Tracker Iv Metal Detector

Pre Owned Great Condition

USD $94.69

Condition : Used

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Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Metal Detector Pre Owned Great Condition.
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Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Metal Detector Pre Owned Great Condition
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By audreypet

The detector is good but ?

I have used this for about 6 hours only.
The detector is quiet to use only reacting to signals, on all metal it goes deep 8-10” finding coins, bottle tops fishing weights, hooks hair clips and a silver ring. It is easy to set up i run sens max and disc off in all metal mode
Battery removal is difficult to do and care must be taken. Control lay out is not ideal for me but may be fine for other users. It is light and easy to use.
Overall a good value starter detector.

The pin pointer is poor very low vibration and noise, I am hard of hearing and can not hear it all, it has no means of attaching it to a belt

By 11pcs

Beginners opinion

I’ve never used a metal detector, but I figured what the hell, I could use another hobby. So I took this one out in my backyard to learn and practice.
No lie, five seconds after I started I got a good strong tone. So I started digging and found a 1966 quarter about 7” deep. Then I checked the hole again and found a button from a 1970’s pair of designer jeans. Within an hour I had 3 holes dug with various things, like an old screwdriver bit at 6”, a really old caster from a rolling cart at around 8”, and various other things.

The only criticism is the meter. When you get a hit, the needle just jumps around wildly, and getting any kind of reading is useless.

But for a beginner to moderate user it works great. It’s lightweight, so I doubt swinging it for 5-6 hours would be no problem.

The instructions were easy to read, and gives a general description of what settings do what.

The pinpointer works well, but you gotta remember to shut it off when you’re not using it, because it sucks batteries dry fairly quickly. And the tone and vibration could be a bit stronger.

All in all, a good deal that I’d recommend.

By mr.t0ms

Quality is the best in this price category

I had purchased pre owned. Got in very good condition.Second day i went at "hunting", it was very funny and exciting to dig something that you don't know what it will be, this moment is very interesting and exciting to discovering something.After some days i learned how to filter trash(from manual where everything is explained and which you can see in internet too). Discovered some interesting items and getting used to new hobby, which is very very interesting, for example when i find bullet cartridges i searched in internet and discovered that this things were produced from 1891year for Mosin-nagant, i read history about it and about cartridges, during this process you get information about new things and learn everything. Device is very easy to use and useful. I strongly recommend it and good luck to everyone.

By bonezcustoms

Great for someone who is interested in the hobby or for a serious detector!

I've used the expensive machines, they are Great! They can tell you basically exactly what you have, how deep etc. It's amazing... but they cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars! I got my bounty hunter tracker iv used and couldn't be happier. The battery life is decent but i would recommend rechargeable batteries. I've run it forr an hour straight with regular batteries with no need to change anyway. This thing works great! If it says there is metal in the ground, you better dig it! Serious detectors with thousand dollar machines will laugh and say this will find coins basically right on the surface... I've found coins up to 8 inches deep with this machine! I started out digging really shallow and going step by step, but after a few finds I realized most of the signals were from 4+" down! I was pleasantly surprised with the depth I got from this machine. The modes are very useful too. I can set out a silver coin, a gold ring and some other items in a "clean" area and listen to exactly what each item sounds like, for instance gold has a very low pitched tone while silver is very loud and high. It just helps to get the excitement up... I dig all beeps lol! My best suggestion is buy a pinpointer. I had to give up on several finds just because i could not find them in the hole lol. My mother has a cheaper, Chinese no name model detector and it works, but the quality compared to the bounty hunter is nothing. It can detect coins etc but only about 3-4" deep and it has almost no discrimination for trash etc. My point is, I wouldn't go cheaper. This is a great machine for a great price that I am glad to own. This would be a great gift for someone starting out or to keep for when friends visit etc. A high quality machine that is easy and confortable to use and will really find the good stuff! I am getting deeper into the hobby and have some great sites on my own property so I plan to upgrade to an even better machine, but this will stick around for my wife, daughter, friends etc to use with me! VERYHighly recommended!

By elliot.s61

Bounty Hunter IV

A Great feeling metal detector compared to my first version bounty hunter metal detector. It also has a strong signal and has a pretty good build quality for the price! would recommend for people that would like to start Metal detecting as a hobby.

By angelseekins

Do research

Very simple to use as a beginner. Look up videos before use, it will help you understand what exactly you are doing. Does not hit very deep, but I have found several neat items just out my front door... Super easy even my 8 year old can work it

By michaegodi1

Nice product for the price!!!

Works great does what its suppose to do.Took out in my back yard found a lot of metal junk its amazing what some people will try to bury to get rid of something.I found a 1937 Canadian nickle.Its not worth much but i would have not found it with out this metal detector.It was approximately 1 foot and a half in the ground.Update also found a ROY ROGERS-TRIGGER KING OF COWBOYS" METAL BELT BUCKLE embossed metal buckle with/gold luster only the forth one known to exist.Good find couldn't have found it with out this awesome machine.

By fresko1771

Excellent metal detector, low cost and made in the good ol' USA!

Bounty Hunter Tracker IV is a very good detector that can be used by a beginner or seasoned detectorist, it is very underrated and with that being said I would highly recommend it. As with all metal detectors one has to put in hours on end to understand it's language and become one with the machine.

By electric4447

Good product

Easy to set up. Easy to use. With a few trial metal pieces it was easy to set the settings. Light weight. Simple to use.

By sar_huber

this metal detector does not discriminate

this metal detector does not discriminate at all!! no matter what setting you try. it is pretty inaccurate even to the point of missing my gold ring. it is good for a gift to a child as a toy.

By jane*anderson

Metal detector works good

This is a great beginner metal detector. It works like it should and I have found a number of things with it. I will note that all things I've found have been about 0- 3 inches deep. I don't know if it's not reading deeper or if it's just dumb luck, but it seems to be helping me find things so I'm happy.

By browus_vk46bhv1

Great metal detector

Wow my first metal detector and it is great it’s easy to use and finds objects just fine.

By sisk-90


This is light & Accurate & goes Pretty Deep too!! Good Deal & it Solid Built.

By rob8134

Good price for a good detector

Arrived on time and is made well,I am happy with it

By jmn1234

Still winter time here. Say more later

Found a small metal piece of tin off the roof repair years ago about 4 inches deep.

By hugger-2009

Fun tracker, but over-priced

It's light weight easy to hold and it works

By capn.nemo

Found tractor part

A part of my tractor fell off that would have taken over $500 to replace. I bought this detector and found it under the brush in ten minutes. Saved me $400.

By dwsk_650

Good value

Gave this as a birthday gift and he uses it all time with good results.

By budw222


doesn't really discriminate sizes or depth all i find is small junk while i can;t find a 4 in curb stop top. i can't hear or feel any thing with the pin pointer

By ricold-32

This might work for you

There are too many random beeps. It does detect metal but its hard to sort out what is an actual detection

By untouchable216

Gold baby! all about dat G

Found a dead body with gold teeth! I extracted the gold, urinated on it, and re-buried it! this thing is AWESOME!
That body was at least 2 feet down!

By 1914letson

Fun and enjoyable

Haven’t used it a lot. But had fun and enjoyed Learning to use it.

By rk74647


Grandkids love it. Keeps them busy.

By bidow_72

Bounty hunter

Came on time..very easy great

By seab_jac

good price

use it the first gay i go it works good

By amateh

Worth the money!

It is a good product for the price. Good beginners tool.

By richa-sparl

Good product

By schmelebeck4402

Awesome detector

Metal detector works incredible. Great price and arrived four days early.

By ruttingbuck66



By raymar-63

Bounty Hunter lv

Works great glad I got it .

By johnnysmiles


This metal detector is alright, but it is that kind of machine you would use for about three weeks to get the hang of metal detecting. The needle really confuses me.

By donan5

Very satisfied

Great product

By dpapp_94

not at this time

not at this time

By rowrow_3699


Love too adventure and this is perfect Thanks

By jjmc-fe-3ke96h7

Fantastic Product!

Fantastic product. Highly recommended for the treasure hunting aficionados.

By frost2997



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